Eumedion participants urge Dutch listed companies to nominate more female executives


Eumedion participants have urged Dutch listed companies to take decisive action towards achieving a more gender balanced executive board and committee. They believe that gender diversity at the board and senior management level contributes to greater effectiveness in light of growing evidence that gender diverse groups make better decisions and produce better results in the long term. Also, diverse management teams set a tone at the top which contributes to companies' ability to attract and retain diverse talent at all levels of the company. To underline the participants' stance on gender diversity, Eumedion has sent a letter to all Dutch listed companies.

To demonstrate the companies approach and commitment to increasing gender diversity at the the top, Eumedion urges companies to adopt and publicly disclose a diversity policy with regard to the consideration of diversity in identifying director nominees, including a commitment to increasing gender diversity throughout the talent pipeline and to set an ambitious gender diversity target (of at least 30%), especially at executive board and committee level. Eumedion also expects companies to publicly disclose the strategy to reach this target and to report on progress and concrete additional measures made in this respect in the next annual report.