Eumedion is a non-profit organisation. It has a General Board from which four members are selected for the Executive Board. The General Board consists of representatives from Eumedion’s participants. The Director, Rients Abma, is responsible for the daily management.

Although Eumedion has the legal form of a foundation, it has many of the features of an association. The Members’ Meeting has the right to adopt the annual policy plan (including the budget) and the right to approve the annual accounts, the authority to grant the Board discharge from liability for its management every year, as well as the power to dismiss the entire Board. Each member has one vote.
Policies and responses to consultations and letters are prepared by our five committees, which consist of representatives of Eumedion’s members. These committees are the Legal committee, the Audit committee, the Investment committee, the Research committee and the PR committee.
Currently we have installed a special working group on remuneration and an ESG working group that is the think tank for Eumedion's stance towards sustainability.