Legal committee

On a policy basis, the Legal committee discusses shareholder rights, anti-takeover constructions, board structure and voting policies. The committee also has the task to undertake lobbying activities, in case of suggested changes by the government or other authorities on relevant regulations or policies. The committee informs the Board on its activities. Furthermore, members of the committee keep updated with jurisprudence on corporate governance and related sustainability issues and maintain contact with other policy advisors and branch organisations. The committee meets four to six times a year. The committee is comprised of the following representatives:

1. Marice Thewessen, Chair (NN Investment Partners)  
2. Peter Bos (Teslin Capital Management)  
3. Gerard Fehrenbach (PGGM)  
4. Vanessa Godron (MN)  
5. Bram Groenewoud (Shell Pensioenfonds)  
6. Sandor Hermens (Achmea Investment Management)  
7. Welmoed Jansen (Aegon Asset Management)  
8. Wouter Kuijpers (Robeco)  
9. Zöhre Tali (APG Asset Management)