Eumedion's Board composition as of 1 June 2019:

Executive Board

1. Garmt Louw, Chairman (Pensioenfonds Shell) End of last term: 12-12-2019 
2. Annette van der Krogt (Achmea Investment Management) End of first term: 20-06-2020
3. Mariëtte Doornekamp (Pensioenfonds ABP) End of first term: 16-06-2019
4. Marcel Andringa (PME) End of second term: 11-12-2018



         Garmt Louw            Mariëtte Doornekamp         Marcel Andringa           Annette van der Krogt 


General Board

1. Lars Dijkstra (Kempen Capital Management) End of first term: 04-04-2020
2. Amra Balic (BlackRock) End of second term: 20-06-2020
3. Wouter van Eechoud (IBM Nederland Pensioenfonds) End of first term: 10-05-2020
4. Peter Ferket (Robeco) End of first term: 12-12-2020
5. Hans Op ´t Veld (PGGM) End of first term: 20-06-2020


   Wouter van Eechoud               Amra Balic                         


       Peter Ferket                     Lars Dijkstra                    Hans Op ´t Veld



1. Rients Abma, Managing Director
2. Toi van Rijn, Office Manager
3. Martijn Bos, Policy Advisor Reporting & Audit
4. Ron Gruijters, Policy Advisor Sustainability

5. Diana van Kleef, Legal Counsel & Policy Advisor Corporate Governance