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Eumedion updates position statement on corporate tax policy and transparency

Eumedion has published an updated position statement on corporate tax policy and tax transparency. The position statement asks listed companies to have a clear and responsible tax policy as part of their strategy for good corporate citizenship.

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Dutch Government publishes long-awaited draft bill on response time for dutch listed companies

On 7 December 2018, the Dutch Government published the long-awaited draft bill on the introduction of a legal response time of a maximum of 250 days that can be invoked by the management board of a Dutch listed company. The draft bill is a result of a number of high-profile cases of unsolicited attempts to acquire the shares of Dutch listed companies (e.g. AkzoNobel and Unilever) and aggressive shareholder activism in 2017. The bill was already announced in the coalition agreement of the new formed Dutch Government in October 2017

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Institutional investors urge Dutch listed companies to nominate more female executive and supervisory directors

Institutional investors have urged Dutch companies to take more actions towards achieving a more gender balanced executive and supervisory board. They believe that progress made in appointing more female executive and supervisory directors in the past five years is disappointing and requires companies to accelerate their board refreshment process and to upgrade their talent management programme. To this end, Eumedion has sent a letter to all Ducht listed companies that have not yet reached the legal target of at least 30% female executive and supervisory directors.

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Bring them on!; Public support from investors mounts for bringing leases on-balance

A disclosure only solution for leases is comparable with ordering lasagne, and instead of getting lasagne, you are supposed to be happy with the individual ingredients being served… thanks, but no thanks. Martijn Bos, Eumedion's policy advisor audit & reporting, on the ongoing discussion on lease accounting. read more


ICGN Amsterdam Conference 2019

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) will return to The Netherlands for its first event of 2019.  To be held in Amsterdam, the  birthplace of shareholder activism, it will be hosted by Eumedion at the Beurs Van Berlage on 12 & 13 of February 2019. ICGN and Eumedion are currently developing the conference agenda and request that you save the date - we hope to see you in Amsterdam in February!