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Eumedion in favour of more pan-European supervision and enforcement

Eumedion is of the opinion that European supervisory convergence can be further promoted by a) regulations – instead of directives – without Member State options and b) pan-European supervision and enforcement. So says Eumedion in a today’s published comment letter on the European Commission's public consultation on the operations of the European supervisory authorities.  

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Eumedion in favour of more convergence in European corporate governance structures

Eumedion is positive about the intention of the European Commission to address the divergences in corporate governance frameworks within the EU. Eumedion believes that the protection of minority shareholders and the possibilities that block chain technology offers should be part of this review. So says Eumedion in a today’s published comment on the European Commission's public consultation for the purpose of the Mid-term Review of the Capital Markets Union Action Plan which will be published in June 2017.

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Eumedion supports proposed revisions to the ICGN Global Governance Principles

Eumedion generally supports and appreciates the proposed revisions by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) to its Global Governance Principles. Today, Eumedion commented on the draft revisions to the Principles.

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Bring them on!; Public support from investors mounts for bringing leases on-balance

A disclosure only solution for leases is comparable with ordering lasagne, and instead of getting lasagne, you are supposed to be happy with the individual ingredients being served… thanks, but no thanks. Martijn Bos, Eumedion's policy advisor audit & reporting, on the ongoing discussion on lease accounting. read more


ICGN Midyear Conference in Washington DC

On 1-2 March 2017, the International Corporate Governance Network will organise its Mid Year Conference in Washington D.C. Eumedion Executive Director Rients Abma will participate in plenary session on shareholder engagement with controlled companies. Questions that will be discussed are: How do governance issues differ between broadly-held companies and those with identified control? What roles are appropriate for the controlling shareholder, the Board and management when in shareholder dialogue?  Do controlling shareholders have special obligations to minority shareholders and in particular, how transparent should they be about their relationship with the company, their objectives of ownership and long-term plans for the company? For more information and registration: